Relationship Bundle

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The Heart of Love (Audio Book)
How to go beyond fantasy to find true relationship fulfillment. The Heart of Love gives step-by-step instructions for linking what’s important to you with another person’s values so that both of you can feel loved for who you are – not someone else’s idea of who you “should” be. It also explores sexual dynamics and the experience of grief that can come with death, divorce, and other potentially painful relationship “endings”.

The Art of Communication
Building fulfilling personal and professional relationships This audio presentation will teach you how to build both personal and professional relationships by understanding the with your children and partner. basic drivers of human behavior and how that relates to mastering the art of effective communication. You will gain the undoubted communication edge whether in an office environment with your staff or colleagues, socially with friends or at home with your children and partner.

The Relationship Equation
Would you love to bring the spark and magic back into your relationship? Do you want to dissolve some of the misunderstandings and tensions that have come between you? In this presentation Dr Demartini shows you how to process emotions, dissolve resentment, overcome anger, discover how to let go of old frustrations and learn the art of effective communication to transform your relationship so that you feel connected to your partner once again.

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